5 Must have designer handbags for every fashionista

5 Must-have designer handbags for every fashionista

The word designer may be synonymous with expensive, but it is a one-time investment you must make. A stylish piece of handbag can add so much glamour to your outfits. It can make or break your look. Designer handbags are a must-have since they are a go-to accessory. They are versatile and make you look extra stylish. A high-quality designer handbag lasts forever, and you even develop some sort of attachment to it. Some branded bags even have a high resale value, making them a safer investment. If you do not trust this, check out 100% authentic designer handbags. LUX LAIR is here to serve you at best prices with excellent customer service. Furthermore, this blog will help you know about 5 must-have designer handbags. 

5 must-have designer handbags: 

JW Anderson Chain Link Shoulder Bag

The small chain Hobo bag was first introduced in the 2021 Spring/Summer collection by JW Anderson. It became popular right away. The founder of this brand named this new line “poetic.” You must wonder what is so special about  this piece. Anderson was inspired by Oscar Wilde’s play, “the importance of being Earnest.” The book basically revolves around silver screws, different color papers, and surrounding swatches of fabric. Now, what inspired Anderson was that binding could be unscrewed by using the brass coin on the cover to release pages. This is how he came up with the detailed royal-looking chain link. 

 Versace La Greca Signature Leather Tote

This one is known to be Versace’s signature tote bag. It was made out of a coated canvas in Italy. La Greca is basically Donatella Versace’s new-age reflection of the classic Greek Key. It is synonymous with unity and infinity. It was first introduced in the Fall/Winter collection of 1988. Since then, the La Greca pattern has been used as the brand’s signature design. This classic pattern affirms Versace’s art of getting inspired by the past to create something for the future. One thing that might be tempting about this top designer handbag is the detachable pouch it has. It adds more versatility to the bag. 

Balenciaga Hourglass Bag

This might not come as a surprise for people already following Balenciaga for its eccentric styles. Although, this one has its own uniqueness. After all, it stood out as the showstopper of Balenciaga’s 2019 Fall-Winter collection, named as the Hourglass. Designer Demna Gvasalia is known to craft eccentric designs, but this one came with a vintage undertone. The most appealing point of this bag is its shape. The base of the bag has a crescent-shaped curve. The bag has maintained its timelessness while creating a contemporary charm. The B-shaped buckle is what makes it stand out the most.

 APC Half Moon Bag

The half-moon bag has been termed as the cult of handbags. Now, what makes this bag such a hit? It has a Parisian appeal, clean lines, distinct branding, and a classic color scheme. The material used to make this bag is a bigger stand-out. It is vegetable-tanned Spanish leather. Further, what makes the craftsmanship so fine is how you can easily access your content through two-way zip. It also has two inner pockets, making it easier for you to keep your accessories separately. The final feature is a statement in itself, the APC logo crafted on the inside of the bag. This piece of APC is simple yet versatile and will be ideal use for any day. 

 Lady Dior by Christian Dior

Lady Dior, originally known as Chouchou, a French word meaning “favorite.” This one instantly became the brand favorite as one of the most photographed women in the world owned it. One interesting fact about this bag is that in 1955 it was gifted to Lady Diana by the French First Lady. Lady Dior will be timeless. It will always have a premium command. So many improvisations performed, and no bag has ever been able to maintain its command and is always chosen before a tote and saddlebag. 

However, it is not important that the “eye catchy” ones are the best options. Just because a bag makes it to the brand’s poster, and it is the biggest sell out of the year, it is the best option. You can have so many options apart from the famous ones. You do not always have to think about carrying a bag that is the most popular. Choosing an unidentified one can also make you stand out. Accessories have their own way of making a statement and enhance your look. So here is a list of must-have designer handbags, understated ones.

Understated luxury handbags:

Muria Mahina leather bucket bag – Louis Vuitton 

You can find many unidentified handbags collection lines under Louis Vuitton. Although, this one collection is made out of Mahina calfskin, a lightweight leather. It is a self-print leather, giving off a monogram look on the bag. A highly versatile collection. The print and color scheming makes it more special, with different contrasts. 

Small Cushion canvas and calfskin tote – Loewe 

This one may be unpopular, but the inspiration behind it is absolutely amazing. When you look closely at the designs of this brand, you will see how Japanese culture is reflected in it. You will see traces of origami patterns. One added benefit apart from what the bag reflects is the room it provides. It has a proper structure and enough space to fit in your contents easily, even a laptop. 

Lambskin flap bag with top handle – Chanel 

Everyone knows about a flap bag, but finding one which is more structured and less delicate is a must-have. Chanel offers a lambskin and leather laced chain, which will add so much glamor to your look. A top handle, briefcase look like a bag with more soft details. A must-have for formal or informal events. 

Important notes to take before you go shopping for luxury handbag brands: 

Worthy investment: 

Knowing all about brands and their bags may not be enough information. You might want to feel more precise in your head. Investing in a designer handbag is totally worth it. The handsome amount you pay for these bags do not go to waste as they will last you for almost a decade. While you still cannot make up your mind regarding this, see the handbags for yourself here at LUX LAIR will make your decision simple for you. 

Styling your handbag with the outfit: 

Another important thing to keep in mind is how to style your designer handbag with your outfit. Not every bag complements your every outfit. A flashy bag might look nice with a fancy dress, and a cross-body bag may go with a casual look. The better you carry yourself with the accessories, the more it will be a confidence booster. 

Finding an affordable designer handbags: 

Sales and discounts are another important element in your shopping. Discounted handbags or designer handbags for sale are not very commonly found. Although, prices vary from area to area and region to region. Finding an affordable designer bag is important. Europe is known to be the cheapest place to buy branded bags. You can even bargain in some European countries and get a well negotiated price. However, with LUX LAIR being present in your life, you can shop up to 75% off on our website. Select your favorite piece. 


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