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The feeling that comes with an authentic luxury consignment, delivered right at your doorstep is unmatched. It’s even better when the delivery has a designer keychain that you longed to get for your keys! Just like any fashion trend, charms and keychains have had their fair share of ins and outs. Designer novelties keep us in style and at the top of our fashion game. While Fendi and Anya Hindmarch’s bags used bag bugs and similar tassels, Coach and Balenciaga went for real keychains. And since then, which was fall of 2018, designer keychains have never seen a demise.

Whether it's your house keys that need a ring or your work keys, a keychain that speaks of your indulgences, taste and style is important! At Luxlair we deal in designer keychains ranging from Louis Vuitton keychains to even Gucci keychains. You name a luxury keychain brand and we have it. That too, at much less than you expect!

Yup. We have designer keychains cheaper than market prices. Why? Because we believe in affordable luxury and an experience that is more valuable than the price tag it comes with. Our all original curated selection is one of its kind for those who like to stay minimalistic but also satisfy their designer accessory cravings.

If you’re looking for a promising, delicately designed, luxe accessory to compliment your attire, bag or fashion forwardness in general, our designer keychain line is apt. We offer authentic and most widely demanded popular designer keychains for women, which sure never disappoints a diva! Often regarded as the tiniest of impression makers, keychains are in fact a huge statement when wisely chosen. Designer keychains with logo can make rounds of chic impressions particularly because they get the most air time.

Relatively inexpensive, most seen and much durable in both, quality and utility, keychains from designer brands are investments that last long. While many misassociate them with tourist store trinkets, they are actually one of the smartest ways to flaunt your favorite label. So why keep your keys hanging on to random keychains when they deserve better than a dollar store ring? Keep them close and keep them stylish with our selection of designer keychains and step out to let everyone notice!

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