What's New In The World of Fashion Handbags

Having a chic, yet elegant collection of handbags can redefine your style. Having a stylish bag is important, as it amplifies your entire wardrobe. Following trends and keeping up with them can be exhausting. Here, we can guide you through the latest fashion/handbag trends you need to know about, in one place.

LUX LAIR has already stocked up your favorite high-fashion handbag brands, which you can happily show off. If you have not chosen the one for you, then it is time you do. Here at LUX LAIR, you will get a chance to find the bags you need to complement your style. From work to groceries, we have options for all of your activities and check for the latest trends.

First, let us understand the designs instead of getting into specific brands, e.g., whether a shoulder bag is more trendy today or a bucket bag. If it is trendy, then is it comfortable to carry it around? Let's see what options we have, generally. 

  • Shoulder Bag
  • You can make quite a personal statement with a shoulder bag. A shoulder bag is also popular for being rightly structured, providing safety for your accessories from external damage. It gives you enough versatility to adapt to any type of situation. 

  • Tote Bag 
  • A tote bag is an all-rounder. Do you want to go for lunch? Take your tote bag. Do you want to carry it to your office? The tote is a perfect choice. It is timeless and stores your accessories safely. 

  • Bucket Bag 
  • Looking for a chic but everyday-use bag? The bucket style is the one for you. It has sturdy sides and a deep interior. Most of the time, the brim of the bucket bag is closed using a drawstring. This makes it easy for you to use it. 

  • Cross-body Bag 
  • Carrying a cross-body bag gives you the utmost comfort. First, you can carry it in front of you, which makes it easy to see and access. Apart from comfort, they are stylish yet ideal for day-to-day use

    Now let us one by one dig into the high-fashion handbag brands and what they have got to offer us: 

  • Chanel – Classic Flap Bag
  • Coco Chanel, as the divine-looking logo of the brand says, consists of interlocking C’s. It was founded in 1909 by Gabrielle Coco Chanel. The sophistication of the French designer is reflected in his brand. The quilted leather and pattern have become brand code for Chanel, as you can see in every bag. A brand like Coco Chanel has been tested and proved its worth several times. We as an audience and user can both tell that. Now, what is new about this brand that needs to be followed up? Yes, that is a question we know could arise in your mind. 

    Chanel Classic Flap Bag is new. The 2.55 is what we call it, and it was released in 1955. However, this iconic design is still relevant and stylish to date. It gets altered and comes up with slightly different features today, but it is something you would not want to miss. 

  • Gucci - Horsebit bag
  • If you are looking for luxury fashion, then Gucci should be the first thing coming to your mind. Some big stars of Hollywood have been featured in Gucci ads and have endorsed the brand. The brand was founded by Guccio Gucci in Italy in 1921. Gucci is known to be a high-quality fashion brand, desired by many. Gucci always stays on the list of “trending this year” and curiosity stays alive every year to know what is new this year. 

    Gucci’s Horsebit bag is what is on the list this year. Although it was first introduced in 1955, it stays as the most popular design today. This bag is designed to give you versatility. The strap is made of leather and has colorful canvas. 

  • Hermes – Hermes Birkin & Hermes Kelly bag
  • The history of this brand will make you very fascinated. Hermes, which is now known to be a quite popular brand in the fashion world, was not always a fashion brand. It used to be a harness workshop, making harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade. It was founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermes, then in 1900, Hermes introduced its first leather bag. This was made for riders to carry saddles with them. Then, when the grandson of Thierry complained about not being able to find a suitable handbag for her, he created one out of the leather saddle. 

    Since then, Hermes’s uniqueness has been appreciated all around the world. It is a brand that focuses on fine craftsmanship, as most of the bags are handmade (sewn by hand). The reason for being an expensive brand is not a secret anymore. The high-quality Hermes offer is worth the price. Now, what is new about this iconic brand? 

    Hermes Birkin and Hermes Kelly bag is the answer. The popularity of this bag has been on a rise. Getting your hands on this bag is quite a task to perform because it is hardly available anywhere. This one acts as a status symbol, made of premium skins. This bag is a limited edition, much worthy of your attention. 

  • Fendi - The Baguette 
  • It was founded in Rome in 1925 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi. Fendi Fashion house first was known to make fur coats and accessories. Although to date it specializes in luxury items like leather, silk, and fur. Fendi is popular for creating eye-catchy items. They combine different textures and materials in unique ways and always stand out. What you need to about Fendi is its leather and suede bag. 

     The Baguette is Fendi’s most popular handbag design portfolio. First introduced in 1997 as a small cross-body bag. A bag that is small, and simple but stylish is what everyone wants. It was named after a French loaf due to its curved shape. This bag has been seen in the hands of stars like Jennifer Lopez. Updated several times and passed the test of time, this bag is transformed and ready to slay your collection. 

  • Dolce & Gabbana — Miss Sicily bag
  • Founded in 1985, Dolce and Gabbana started their journey in Milan with its first runway show. Being completely financially independent, they asked their friends to model for their brand. The success did not take long to hit them and now they are known to be a high-quality fashion brand in the fashion world. The luxurious material used in their handbags is not only a unique thing about the brand, but their style too. Their style is a combination of Italian and Southern Mediterranean craftsmanship. 

    Miss Sicily bag stands as the brand’s most iconic handbag. This collection comes in different styles and has been immensely popular this year. This bag is designed for you to mix and match with any event you go to. It is also an ideal size for you to carry around the whole day. 

    Having enough bags is a myth. You can never get tired of buying high-fashion handbag brands. The above-mentioned brands and a few other fashion handbag brands have remained elite in the fashion world. You see these bags being carried by your favorite celebrities at different events. LUX LAIR  is here to offer you the most appealing fashion handbags online. So avail the 70% sale right now and get your hands on designer handbags on sale. 


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