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Founded in 1961, the House of Couture that revolutionized modern fashion, Saint Laurent, is one of the most prominent Fashion Houses in today’s world. Over the years, the Saint Laurent Collection has evolved beautifully leaving no stone unturned to bring its fashion enthusiastic audience the finest of luxury wear.

Your Personal Guide to Modernity

Dior’s enlightened mentorship coupled with Saint Laurent’s ingenious brains, the Saint Laurent Collection was predestined to produce iconic pieces that would leave a mark in the world of fashion and art. The experienced methodology and innovative craftsmanship glimmers from each and every product the brand unveils.

The renowned French Fashion House was the first couture house to introduce the concept of prêt-à-porter in the luxury world. The Saint Laurent Collection is well acknowledged for featuring classic, timeless ensembles. An acclaimed piece of this Collection is the quintessential biker jacket, which to this day sells out, season after season. With production houses divided between the two Fashion Capitals of the world, France and Italy, the brand is bound to rain king on the luxury market.

The devotion and commitment of this luxury brand can be seen from every product the brand has to offer. From the luxurious handbags to the suave shoes, the ever famous ready to wear collection to the minutest accessories: the brand excels in creating refined luxury.

Pioneer of modern styles, perpetual appeal and pure panache: The Saint Laurent Collection is chiseled to perfection.

Saint Laurent Shoes

The finest possession of the Saint Laurent Collection are their Saint Laurent Shoes, a demand of the masses. With many fashion brands in business today, the competition is getting tougher. However, luxury and quality come hand-in-hand and not all brands are able to incorporate this trait. Howbeit, the Saint Laurent Shoes do not fall short in both of these categories. The authentic Saint Laurent shoe is a work of heavenly craftsmanship, inside-out! These stellar shoes stand out due to their malleable sole which takes the form of each individual owners' foot, showcasing comfort and class at its finest.

The oxford shoes in patent leather or the smoking derbies in velvet – The Saint Laurent formal shoes will have you ready for any ceremonial or business event. For the less busy days, the Saint Laurent shoes for men proposes the Saint Laurent Sandals or the espadrilles, available in charming colors and patterns to suit your every mood. The Saint Laurent sneakers for men come in subtle designs that are extremely comfortable for daily wear and can easily be paired with your casual dresses, trousers, shorts or even denims. A pair of Saint Laurent shoes is the exact finesse a modern men’s outfit needs.

Saint Laurent Bags

Nothing says luxury like a bag from the Saint laurent Collection. This brand has been known for many decades to be one of the favorites of luxury handbag lovers and legitimately so, for the sheer beauty, dainty designs and timeless appeal of a Saint Laurent women’s bag is unparalleled. The “Sac de Jour” for the simple and sophisticated woman. The bucket bag for the always out and about woman. The “Le 61 Camera Bag” for the vintage queen. While the Saint Laurent “The Kate’ bag for the glam queen. All the formal attires, the evenings out and the casual wears sorted out with Saint Laurent women’s bag collection: vast, diverse and versatile.


Saint Laurent is the effortless blend of comfort and luxury; and they create the most top-notch accessories known to the market. A unique statement piece can bring the whole outfit together. As far as fashionable eyewear goes, the Saint Laurent Sunglasses are the right amount of quirky, fun and protective that you need in your wardrobe. The luxurious and elaborate designs of the Saint Laurent glasses for men and women are a leader in the industry for many years now. Intricate designs and distinctive looks, the Saint Laurent Sunglasses are a class apart.

The French heritage brand is not afraid to push its boundaries and the Saint Laurent Scarf collection is a proof of that. Eclectic yet sophisticated, the Saint Laurent Scarves provide a unique and enhanced look to the exterior. A carefully chosen color palette and quality silk material makes the Saint Laurent Scarf a trendsetter in the market.

The Saint Laurent Collection has sworn to cover all your needs and thus presenting the best seller of the luxury brand: The Saint Laurent Wallets. Crafted with extreme artistry and the finest quality leather, these intricate Saint Laurent Wallets are no less than a fashion statement.

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