Style And Significance of Designer Handbags

Handbags hold great significance, and it is high time you acknowledge them. Handbags come in various designs and styles, and you just need to get your hand on the right ones. Stylish designer handbags can make quite a personal statement for you. They just do not act as an accessory, but as status symbols too. Some handbags function both as a purse and a clutch, with or without the strap. Choosing a handbag is an important decision as it adds value to your clothing collection. The guide below will help you determine the significance of designer handbags and why you should opt for them. 

Benefits of having designer handbags: 

  • Good quality:
  • Buying a stylish designer handbag will ensure one thing, durability. You do not have to go and buy handbags from time to time. When the quality is good, your money will be saved too. It is better to buy one expensive bag than 5 a year. It is a one-time investment, benefitting you for a longer period. LUX LAIR offers you luxury designer handbags from many brands and tons of options

  • Versatile: 
  • One of the best characteristics designer handbags has to offer is the multifunctional aspect of it. You can mix and match your stylish designer handbag with any outfit and at any event. Whether you want to go for a movie or lunch, LUX LAIR offers you handbags that can be an all-rounder for you. 

  • Personal statement: 
  • Sometimes it is just not about carrying a handbag with you just because you have to. Today, it is more about making a fashion statement. A stylish handbag not only adds to your look, but your whole wardrobe. It is not necessary to have a closet filled with designer handbags. Having the right ones will be enough of a source of luxury for your look. At LUX LAIR, there are so many options available to choose from. If you want to own a bold, catchy handbag, it is there.  

  • Good customer service: 
  • Purchasing a high-quality, designer handbag comes with good customer service too. Just like LUX LAIR offers policies for return and exchange products. You can communicate with the customer service yourself too. It is normal to have confusion and queries regarding a product. If those queries are answered and the confusion resolved, it is highly satisfying. So, achieving that level of satisfaction as a customer is what Lux Lair takes care of. 

    Top Designer Handbags: 

    Understanding the style and significance of designer handbags is important. However, at the same time, you must also know which brand has to offer what. Each brand has its own version of a handbag. Some may be appealing to you, and some may not look very catchy. It is on you to decide which one suits you better. So, here is a list of the best quality handbags brands:

  • Gucci 
  • Gucci is known to be the most popular brand. It has a range of designer handbags made out of the most expensive Italian leather. Gucci has to offer handbags in different versions with its logo being stood out. The manufacturing process of handbags is not typical. Gucci's handbags are not made in a factory. They are crafted with great care and attention. 

  • Louis Vuitton 
  • LV offers some outstanding features. Louis Vuitton bags are waterproof and fireproof. The material used to make these bags ensure that they are protected from water and fire. Canvas protects it from water, whereas PVC protects it from fire. The procedure each bag goes through ensures the quality of the bag. Durability tests are performed on the bag to ensure their timelessness and longevity. Money spent on LV is worth it, as where will you find a bag classier than these, that too for a long time? 

  • Hermes 
  • If you are looking for an iconic bag, Hermes has a variety in it. The bags are made out of original leather. Apart from the leather, crocodile, goat, etc. premium skins are used for manufacturing Hermes bags. What differentiates Hermes bags from others is that they are handmade and in limited edition. Also, palladium, the most expensive hardware, is used to craft these bags. Even, some, have real diamonds in them. 

  • Valentino 

  • The French brand collection has something for everyone. These designer bags are popular for their rock stud detailing. Valentino has a range of handbags. From shoulder bags to cross-body bags, either in small or large sizes, it has everything. Even the variety in colors is surprising, especially for people who are always on the lookout for catchy handbags. 

  • Prada 
  • What Prada has to offer is unique and elegant. If you want to create a fashion statement, go for Prada bags. These bags are not typical and out there. The uniqueness is what is so appealing, and you can stand out with them. Also, it is the most popular designer handbag in Europe and the United States of America. For people looking for simple and minimalistic designs, Prada is the ideal option. 

  • Chanel 
  • This brand is known for its highest resale value luxury handbags. Chanel's bags are made out of high-quality leather. The leather used is made of lambskin or caviar. Each bag is processed through a durability test. This way, these bags are known to be highly durable. These bags are not made in bulk but instead crafted with special care and attention to them. People crafting these bags are known to be the craftsmen in the industry.

  • The Row 
  • The Row is known to create timeless bags. These bags are made out of fine, high-quality fabric. Row’s bags come in various, classy colors with classic designs. Some fine craftsmanship is done to achieve the high standards of The Row. You can carry these bags in any season and time. The designs are not too flashy and maintain a neat look. It is a great investment.

    Fun facts about popular handbags brands: 

    • Some bags have taken more than a week to get manufactured completely
    • The priciest bag has been $35 million ever made by the House of Mouawad
    • Designer handbags tend to get expensive day by day 
    • Initially, handbags were designed for men 
    • Louis Vuitton is known to burn off the surplus to protect its brand image 

    Classic designer handbags are timeless and complete your look always. They can be the most fun accessory. And not only fun, but they are used for making fashion statements while maintaining your status symbol. Although stylish designer handbags are very expensive, it is a one-time investment. The money does not go to waste, but adds value and quality to your life. It gives you confidence and makes your style unmatched. Now that you know all about designer handbags and how significant they are, visit  LUX LAIR and buy the one for you. Lux Lair offers 100% authentic designer handbags with a one-year warranty. Our friendly customer care team is always ready to answer all your questions. We make sure your money is valued and rightly invested. 


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