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Home to the next generation of master leatherworkers, Bottega Veneta is a leading name in artisanal craftsmanship. The legendary brand produces leather goods that entail a signature aesthetic of luxurious Italian design. This design is exemplified in Bottega Veneta belts. With an intricate balance between contemporary and vintage, their leather belts are a style-statement. Bottega Veneta belts are the unique quality that transforms your outfit from ordinary to impeccable. The diversity that these designer belts hold in their design, color, and size, is unparalleled.

Types of Bottega Veneta belts

  • Bottega Veneta belt triangle
  • Bottega Veneta Fondente belt
  • Bottega Veneta Intrecciato weave belt
  • Bottega Veneta skinny belt
  • Bottega Veneta slim belt
  • Bottega Veneta horseshoe belt
  • Bottega Veneta ruched belt
  • Bottega Veneta leather belt

From a forerunner in artisanal leather craftsmanship, innovation is becoming. Soon after their advent in 1966, Bottega Venetta established its signature Intrecciato design. To this date, their weaved leather design is evident in their products which include their designer belts. With authentic Italian leather at its core, the quality of these luxurious products has yet to find its match.

Bottega Veneta belt for Women

The Venetian House prides itself on its feminine aesthetic, which has also been its prime source acclaim. As women’s fashion has progressed with time, so have the designs produced by the fashion house. Bottega Veneta Women’s belts are the epitome of this evolution. From subtle hues of seamed beige to the loudness of red python designs, the collection has it all. The python designs of Bottega Veneta leather belts are a class act.

The snakeskin design displayed on a thin seamed belt is available in brown and red colors. The sleek design is complemented by a studded metallic buckle. Another signature style is the Bottega Veneta Fondente belt. Made with French calf leather this is a double-strap belt with horseshoe-shaped buckle. The perfect accessory to a casual look. The Bottega Veneta triangle belt is another consumer preference; belt in nappa leather with signature triangle hardware buckle.

Bottega Veneta belt for Men

The Italian fashion house is no stranger to crafting masculine elegance out of their leather. The vast collection carries pieces ranging from sophisticated weaved leather to ribbon atrap designs for a casual afternoon look. The woven calf leather belts are best paired with an evening suit look. The smooth leather backing is accompanied by a plethora of buckle designs to choose from. These are rhomboidal, triangular, basic rectangular, and curved rectangular, to name a few. Bottega Venetta belts, though the embodiment of progression, include the classic black style. The contemporary colors to go with your office look include navy blue, maroon, and camel.

Apart from Bottega Veneta belts, we carry a range of other products by the Italian brand. Their artisanal leather handbags are luxury women’s fashion at its finest. The women Intrecciato design is the hallmark of every line. The vast range includes totes, shoulder bags, pouches, and much more. Where there is fashion, there are designer shoes. The highlight of their shoe collection is the Bottega Venetta floral leather shoes. The unique floral design is crafted onto heels, ballet flats, and tall boots. Intrecciato is evident in the heels and flat shoes of Bottega Veneta. The fashion house has you covered when it comes to accessories. The acetate sunglasses are style-statement that will turn heads for sure.

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