How to Identify a Fake Michael Kors Bag

The way you accessorize your outfits says a lot about your personality and your preferences and is bound to affect the first impression you make on people. That’s exactly why designer bags are made with such precision and exactness because they need to look and feel as high-end as they cost. Nowadays it’s common practice for Amazon and eBay sellers to be scamming their customers with fake designer bags, claiming that they’re giving you a good deal so you’re tempted to buy it.

However, there is a surefire way to avoid being ripped off by sellers and get your money’s worth every time. Every designer has their own unique qualities which set them apart from replicas. Today, we’re going to teach you how to tell a fake Michael Kors purse from a real expert. So, without further ado, let’s get into the 12 easy steps you can follow to ensure you’re not buying a fake Michael Kors bag.

How to tell if a Michael Kors Purse is Real?

The Zipper

The zipper of a Michael Kors bag can be an initial and easy giveaway of whether it’s real or not. Most Michael Kors’ backpacks feature zippers on the exterior, and you can closely analyze the straightness and precision of the zipper. If it’s crooked and spaced unevenly, then it’s most definitely fake, since designer brands don’t overlook small details like that. Look for a small engraving of the Michael Kors’ brand logo or name on the zipper pull, since designer brands like to print their logos on every piece of the bag’s hardware. Tug at the zipper pull, and if it comes off easily or has trouble going over the zipper line, then the bag is most probably a dupe.

The Straps and Handles

Pay close attention to the straps of the Michael Kors shoulder bag. An authentic Michael Kors bag features sturdy and adjustable straps, with visibly high-quality buckles that have the logo engraved into them. If the strap isn’t adjustable or seems longer than the real one, then it’s fake. Another thing to keep in mind is to check the handles. Make sure to notice whether the leather wrinkles or seems excessively stretched over the top handles, since that is a clear sign of inauthenticity as designer brands use only the best of leathers.

The Logo

A fake Michael Kors logo is pretty easy to identify. Lookup a clear picture of the logo and compare it to the one on the bag; they should be exactly identical. If the letters seem crooked or unsafely placed, then the bag is sure to be fake since designer brands pay a lot of attention to their logo. The iconic Michael Kors circle logo doesn’t only feature MK in large letters inside the circle, but you’ll also notice the brand’s name precisely engraved into the circle itself if the bag is truly authentic. The metal of the logo should also feel heavy and look expertly polished.

The Tags

The tags are a huge giveaway to whether the Michael Kors bag is real or not. The tags inside the bag state information about the bag and its origins, such as statements like “Made in..” and the bag’s serial code. Michael Kors bags are mainly manufactured in China, Korea, Indonesia, Italy, the Philippines, Taiwan, Turkey, and Vietnam, so be wary of any bag that states any country other than the ones mentioned above. The serial code isn’t just a random series of numbers, although some scammers may think so, but the date of when the bag was manufactured. If the number seems impossible to be a date, then the bag is clearly fake.

The Lining

The interior lining of an authentic Michael Kors handbag will be of high quality and will match with the insides of any exterior pockets. Almost always, the lining should have the logo printed all over it. The area around the zipper of the pockets sometimes have leather sewn neatly onto the lining, but be sure to check that leather matches the leather of the bag. If the lining feels plasticky or unevenly placed, the bag is surely fake.

The Interior Zippers

Manufacturers of fake 'Michael Kors' dupe bags tend to pay less attention to the inside of the bag, thinking that no one will really notice. This is where they’re mistaken since an expert always makes sure to check the lining and interior pockets and zippers for authenticity. Pay close attention to the interior zipper pulls, they should feel high-quality and heavy and should not come off with just a few tugs. The zipper line should be straight and match the metal of the zipper pull, which should have the Michael Kors logo engraved into it.

The Authenticity Card

The authenticity card is where most scammers make their biggest mistake when it comes to replica Michael Kors bags. Most designer brands feature an authenticity card on the inside of their bags, stitched neatly onto the lining, ensuring the realness of the product. Manufacturers of the dupes copy this authenticity card onto their products too, but the difference in quality is quite clear. The printing may be crooked and faded, both of which are errors impossible for designer brands to make. However, Michael Kors bags are not known to even feature authenticity cards at all, so if the bag you have features one, then that’s a red flag in itself.

The Dye Job

Due to the low cost of Michael Kors dupes, the quality is obviously bound to be just as low and questionable. The resources they use to construct the bag just won’t be as refined and high-quality. This lack of quality mainly shows up when it’s time to replicate the glossy finish or smooth dye job that authentic Michael Kors bags have. The fake Michael Kors bag will have an uneven or splotchy dye job, not just because the dye isn’t as exceptional, but also because the cheap leather may have done a bad job of absorbing the dye.

The Cost

You may have seen the words “Michael Kors bags on sale” somewhere and that may have understandably excited you, but don’t be fooled. The easiest way you can tell whether you’re being scammed or not is by checking the price. Yes, designer bags can be discounted, but only to a certain extent and only on rare occasions. Since these bags are made with utmost precision and the finest of materials, they’re surely going to cost you a lot. So, if a seller places down an unbelievably low rate in the name of a “good deal”, don’t believe them. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it most probably is.

The Quality

As we said before, designer brands such as Michael Kors use the most expensive materials and perfect exactness to make these products for you, and this high quality shows up at first glance and many glances after that. The most notable feature of designer bags is that their quality doesn’t fade away quickly, the way a replica would. Michael Kors is known to use Saffiano leather for almost all their bags, so become acquainted with the material so that you can recognize it in just one glance. Original Saffiano leather has a glossy finish to it that you won’t find on a dupe.

The Stitching

Above all that, Michael Kors is known for their attention to detail and that includes their stitching. On any part of the bag, no matter how minor, the stitching is sure to be straight, neat, and tight. Analyze the stitching on the exterior and interior of the bag, especially on the handles, and if it seems like the loops are uneven in size at some places or loose at all, then don’t be mistaken and avoid buying that bag at all.

The Hardware

The hardware of a Michael Kors bag consists of buckles, zippers, zipper pulls, and their iconic logo. The first thing you should notice is that the material of all the hardware should have the same weight and the same color of the finish. If not, the bag is surely a replica and a waste of your time and money. Look for engravings of the Michael Kors logo in every piece of the hardware, and if you’re able to find one on each piece, then it may be authentic. You may also find a small plaque of the same metal on the interior of the bag with the brand’s name engraved into it; this plaque is a good indicator of the bag’s authenticity.

An extra step that you can follow to ensure complete authenticity is looking up the bag on Michael Kors bags’ official website and analyzing it and the one you bought side by side. If the bags are totally identical, inside and out, then you’re probably good to go. Now that we’ve answered your question of “how can you tell if a Michael Kors purse is fake?”, you can treat yourself with a luxurious designer bag from without any worries of being scammed or ripped off.

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