Face Masks & Other Fall Fashion Accessories for Women 2022

Face Masks & Other Fall Fashion Accessories for Women 2022

The restrictions imposed due to the corona virus are gradually being lifted worldwide. Do you know what this means?

You can now get out of your cozy PJs, make a stylish splash, and paint the town red. Face masks are now mandatory, considering the situation.

However, this doesn't mean you can't be fashionable. After all, this is what fashion accessories are for. Perhaps being locked up for so long in the house has made you out of touch with the trends. You aren't sure of the accessories trend 2020. You are confused about what would work.

However, don't worry as we are here to tell you all about the fall accessories 2020. If you are looking to make a women's accessories list for this fall, you are in the right place.

Fall accessories trends 2022 to follow

Let's be serious. It's not going to be anytime soon that you can step out without a face mask. That does make accessorizing difficult. However, with the right accessories for women, you can pull it off.

If you aren't sure about fall accessories that will make heads turn, let us help you out.

Use face mask accessories to the hilt

Indeed, you might have the best face masks collection. However, the fact remains that most of your face is covered due to it. How, then, can you be expected to make a fashion statement. Not surprisingly, face mask accessories are one of the most pivotal parts of accessories trend 2020.


Since all of us know that face masks are here to stay, most brands have decided to bring a twist to them. They have incorporated innovative styles to the masks to make them stand out. Here are some examples of the best face mask accessories that you can use.

Convertible Mask Chain

Do you want to make face masks more appealing? Perhaps a chain attached to the ear loops of the mask will bring the much-needed twist.

The best thing about this accessories trend 2020 is that you can hang the mask around your neck when you don't need it. Gone are the days when you have to worry about misplacing your mask.

Mask lanyards

Perhaps you want to keep things simple. You already have the best masks, and you don't want to overdo it. In that case, you can simply opt for the face mask lanyards.

Attaching these to the ear loops of the mask allows you to adjust the length. Your mask can then hang around your neck all the time, ready for use as the need arises.

Face Mask Ear Savers

This is perhaps the most difficult part of face masks. Wearing these for prolonged periods can cause discomfort and pain on the ears. You can use fashion accessories, not only for style but also for your comfort.

Wear any hair accessory on the back of your head. It should have a button on which the mask can be attached. This reduces the pressure exerted on your ears by the mask significantly.

Opera gloves

The pandemic has made it clear that all forms of physical contact have to be avoided for safety. Naturally, people are apprehensive of touching stuff, fearing it might contain coronavirus particles.

Luckily fall accessories in trend have made a note of this issue, so opera gloves are a rage these days. Long gloves are most in demand. You can style these gloves as per your preference. They will not only keep you safe but also stand out.

Are we to assume that accessories trends 2020 are all about the pandemic? Does this mean we don't have any stylish designer accessories to flaunt? That is definitely not the case. In fact, with the pandemic and use of face masks, using the right accessories has become all the more important.

Let's now take a look at some accessories for women you must try this fall.

Boots are the way to go

Haven't we spent too much time being comfortable in the lockdown? Now is the time to go for the kill. This is what is evident in this trend of fall accessories.

You can now take a break from your casual sneakers. This fall, go for knee-grazing black boots as your ultimate footwear choice. Designer accessories are all about following the trend. Thus, plenty of brands have launched their version of boots this fall.

Some incorporated metal grills while others used platform shape. With the face masks covering most of your face, indeed, you can create a wave with your boots.

Fill it all in Bucket Bags

The discussion of fashion accessories cannot be completed without handbags. The number of essentials that you have to carry this fall has increased. You will need sanitizer, face mask, and much more to keep yourself safe.

Bucket bags are the ideal choice this fall. This handbag can accommodate all your goods and that too with style. If you really want to up your fashion game, you can take a break from the traditional color of handbags. Why not opt for something out of the box? This is truly your opportunity to sine and rock a look that not many would have seen coming.

 This is the time for chain necklaces and chunky chokers

This is truly the time for designer accessories to shine. Do you have fancy dolce and Gabbana jewelry that you had put away for a special occasion? Now is the time to take them out. This is when the most focus would be on your accessories. Therefore, you really have to put on your best game.

Chain necklaces are gaining quite a bit of popularity this season. Oversized and chunky designs seem to be in demand. The best thing is that you can pair these necklaces with even the most casual outfits, and it wouldn't make a difference. There are no rules.

Adorn your chokers and chain necklaces with a casual sweater and walk with style. Your neckpiece will take care of the rest.

Go wild with your Gucci earrings

Do you have large and fancy Gucci earrings that you bought on a whim but couldn't wear? Well, now is the time to take those beautiful hoops and large earrings out of the box.

This fall is all about bigger things. Therefore, if you want to explain the fall accessories 2020, go big should be the motto. Hence, it isn't shocking that hoop earrings are gaining popularity.

You can adorn big statement earrings or the ones with sculptures shapes. This fall, give people something to talk about. These earrings have the ability to spice up even the simplest outfits. If you want to add a finishing touch to your casual attire, you know what to do.

While wearing hoop earrings, keep your hair behind the ears. Make sure that your earrings stand out and become the center of attention effortlessly.

Go colorful with stone rings

Perhaps you don't want too much attention to the face masks. You can instead go all out with your accessories, shifting focus. Colorful stone rings might just work for you.

This fall is all about vibrancy. Therefore, go for some vibrant colors that you had never seen before. They should have eye-catching cuts that demand attention. The stone rings should be such that they would invariably become the talk of the town.

The designer bracelets to try this fall

What attire is complete without designer bracelets? Since the trends for this fall are more in favor of chunky and large stuff, the same is evident in bracelets' choice.

This is the time to wear chunky bracelets, either single or as a stack. Indeed, it wouldn't appear out of fashion if you wear them from wrist to elbow.

You can also adorn metallic bracelets that stand out. Oversized hand wear should be your choice this fall if you truly want to be in line with the latest trends.

Something about following accessories trends 2020

Indeed, this fall, there are no rules. This is not the time for subtlety. All of us have had to spend locked up in our houses for too long. Now is the time to go out and become the center of attention.

However, there are a couple of things you should ensure. For one thing, it might be tempting to get designer accessories for cheap. However, keep in mind that your accessories will likely be under a great deal of scrutiny with the face mask on. It won't do you any good if your jewelry or other accessory is not of profound quality. Therefore, only trust a reliable retailer to get these items.

Furthermore, ensure that you follow all the precautions to keep yourself self. This is not the time to take safety and health for granted.


The pandemic had thrown all of us in a state of panic and confusion. Now that we are slowly coming out of it, we need to learn to live with the precautions. Accessories can help us spice things up along with the best face masks. Follow the trends and make heads turn.


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