Designers Shoulder Bags to Buy in 2022

Designers Shoulder Bags to Buy in 2022

2022: The Rave Is All About Designer Shoulder Bags


Other than fancy party attire and expensive makeup, stylish designer shoulder bags have also been on the list of neglected items in our closets since the start of the pandemic. Having a few occasions to dress up for, and of course, fewer places to visit, you would have probably chosen to carry a practical bag rather than a stylish shoulder bag. Isn’t that right?


However, since the restrictions are reduced significantly, and ends are meeting again, the fashion industry is being reborn with new trends! With a wide variety of cool designer shoulder bags that are hitting the market now, you must be wondering which ones are actually worth the investment.

 From classic and timeless to trend-forwarding and directional, there is a whole set of best designer shoulder bags for women that is worth paying attention to.

 Luckily for you, in this blog, we are going to dive into the collection of the latest and best shoulder bags that will make you stand out in front of others.

Alexander McQueen Women’s Multi-Color Tweed Fabric Designer Shoulder Bags

Made with premium quality fabric, this multi-color tweed fabric shoulder bag is one of a kind. Not only does it give off a classy look, but the different colors in the bag combine together to give off a very stylish vibe.

 It is a one-size bag with a zippered flap pocket and a leather card compartment which means that it can carry your daily essentials or even party essentials without any hassle. All in all, this particular bag is the ideal choice if you have a limited amount of stuff to carry to a party or to a casual meetup.

Bottega Veneta Women’s Gray Fabric Intrecciato Designer Shoulder Bags

Bottega Veneta is a great designer crossbody bag that offers a wide range of high quality shoulder bags for women. The brand offers versatility when it comes to pricing, as you can find a bag for as low as $690 and as high as $1105 on Luxlair.


 This one however falls around the $1000 price tag, but the elegance that it offers simply makes it stand out from the rest. The compact size along with the comfortable strap make it easier for anyone to carry the bag all day around.

Bottega Veneta Women’s Gold/Black Leather Intrecciomirage Tote Bags

If you are someone who happens to have an interest in bags with woven patterns or bags that have a comfy, pillowy vibe, you should have a look at this featured Bottega Veneta Tote Bag.

 With worn-looking leather, a butterfly detail, and an open-top, this Bottega Veneta shoulder bag has a unique look to it. Not only does the pattern make it stand out from various other shoulder bags, but the size of the bag offers you the freedom to carry anything and everything along with you.

 In addition to the premium feel of the bag, the 4.5-inch drop of the strap makes it a lot easy for you to carry it around.

Coach Lora 30 Taupe Leather Designer Shoulder Bags

Featuring soft, squeezable, and heavenly leather material, the Coach designer shoulder bags tend to satisfy their consumer base at the highest level. This bag designed by Coach offers a classy and elegant look and also comes under a reasonable price tag, making it one of the most affordable designer bags.

 So, if you're someone who is looking for elegant yet affordable designer bags, this bag from Coach might be the ideal choice for you.

Coach Signature Chain Signature Leather Tan Rust Hobo Bags

Coming at a price of approximately $350, this signature shoulder bag by Coach is one of the best ones in their collection. The bag is made of refined calf leather, signature coated canvas, and features a magnetic snap closure and fabric lining.

 An inside zip pocket, an outside slip pocket, and the ideal size all combine together to make this bag the perfect one for you. In addition to all of that, the bag also features a detachable handle that has 7.25 inches drop and a long strap with an approximately 18.5 inches drop that makes it easier to carry around.

Gucci Women’s Pink Leather Tote Designer Shoulder Bags

Who doesn't know about Gucci? Being one of the most renowned brands in the entire world, Gucci never fails to drop the jaws of its customers with the amazing variety of products that it offers. The designer shoulder bags of Gucci are undeniably the most glamorous bags in the whole market.

 If you happen to be a mother who has to carry several baby items in your shoulder bag, this leather bag from Gucci may be the ideal choice for you. Not only does it offer ample space to carry all the baby essentials, but the rainbow cloud detail on the bag also gives off a unique and cute vibe.

Gucci Women’s Red Guccissima Leather Large Shoulder Bags

Being one of the top-end products of Gucci, this red guccissima leather bag comes at a high price tag that revolves around the $2000 mark. However, there is no denying the fact that the bag does justice to its price tag.

 Having premium quality leather and a classy look, this one can easily make it to the list of the best designer shoulder bags for women. Not only does it have ample space for you to put in quite a lot of stuff, but it also offers adjustable shoulder straps that make your life easier.

Michael Kors Ashbury Large Grab Designer Shoulder Bags

Being on the list of the top designers, Michael Kors produces iconic designer shoulder bags for their fans. With classy designs, premium leather, and unique shapes, the shoulder designer bags of Michael Kors would surely complement your outfits.

 This Ashbury Large Grab shoulder bag from Michael Kors is one of the most elegant bags that the designer offers. Not only is it made out of top-quality leather, but it also has the ideal size if you wish to carry a few makeup or other essential items with you at all times.

Michael Kors Crosby Medium Pebbled Leather Messenger Shoulder Bag

This one is specifically for those who are looking for affordable yet classy shoulder designer bags for ladies. Even with a low-price tag, this shoulder bag offers a medium size along with an extremely classy look that makes it one of the ideal bags to have in your closet.


With a wide range of the best designer shoulder bags, choosing one often becomes difficult for a person. However, the list provided above may be able to help you in this regard as you can easily choose the bag whose brand quality, price tag, and design amazes you the most.


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