3 Men's Sneaker Styles That Go with Everything in Your Closet

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The fashion world had evolved through ages, in the past years, when people used to meet each other and judge each other’s personalities and social-economical stature by their overall physical appearances. Now times have changed, and many people judge others by just taking a glance at their shoes. Good shoes not only enhance your look, but they also improve your confidence. Even if you are wearing a big plain t-shirt and sweatpants and you have to go out, if you pair it with a cool pair of sneakers, it will immediately not only enhance your mood, but it will also sweep you off of your feet. Literally! Good shoes bring a great change in one’s personality and confidence. That is why we always recommend investing in good shoes. The most preferred shoes for men are men’s sneakers. They never fail to make me feel amazing, and they boost my mod. Sneakers make me feel like I can do anything and go anywhere!! In the following, let me tell you about the best current sneaker styles that will go with everything in your closet. 

All White Sneakers:

The best favor you can do to yourself as a shoe lover is to get yourself some pairs of fine white sneakers. Honestly, they go with everything. One of the best benefits of white sneakers is that they are perfect road travelling, air travelling, walking, and running and even for a relaxing day with friends. They are easy to slip on sneakers, and they can also be easily taken off just by sliding off. Many big companies launch mostly white sneakers as men’s sneakers. But now many known shoe brands are launching all-white sneakers either unisex or specifically for females. Some of the best all-white sneakers that are worldwide famous for their comfort, style and durability are as follows:

Adidas Superstars:

Although these shoes come in color black the most sales made by Adidas were for the ones in white. These shoes are globally known as “Everyone’s Go-To shoes”, and they deserve this name! Not only are these shoes affordable but also go with literally every outfit. Either you are wearing jeans and a plain t-shirt or a dress, Super Stars go with everything!!

Nike Air Force One Sneakers

It would be unfair to the world of sneakers if we wrote an article about men’s sneakers and did not include the mighty Nike Air Force ones. These shoes are the most beloved white sneakers by basket players. They are activewear shoes also commonly called as trainers. To keep you feeling as cool as you’ll look, the Air Force Ones have perforated detailing to provide ventilation.


I am pretty sure if you do not own a pair of converses, you already have heard the name “Converse''. Famous for their low top comfortable style and durability, the converse is the third most loved pair of all-white sneakers, all around the world! The minimalist aesthetic style of these sneakers is always every sneaker lover’s first choice. The best part about these shoes is that they can be styled with every type of outfit, whether you are wearing flannel or a dress suit, Converse will go with it. 

Chunky Sneakers:

Now, the type of sneakers that every person with a party animal personality adores, the chunky sneakers. Their stylish puffiness, bold and unique patterns and multi colours add to their aesthetics. Their different style does overlook the fact that they are highly and equally functional as the best casual sneakers. Some of the best chunky canvas sneakers are as follows:

Bottega Veneta (High Top Sneakers):

These are the best-in-market chunky sneakers. They are leather sneakers designs stylish and long-lasting comfortable sneakers that are finished with metal eyelets and a color block rubber sole; Suede, technical fabric, and calfskin. These are extremely elite class shoes with high-end fashion style. These leather sneakers not only come in different earthy colours to suit your sense of fashion style better, but they are also made in Italy!

Chanel Chunky Sneakers: 

The best luxurious and chunky sneakers that caught a lot of female audience’s eyes this year are Chanel sneakers. These shoes are the epitome of luxury and can be styled with beautiful luxurious anklets to suit your aesthetics since these are low top sneakers. These are tennis-inspired shoes that have been on trend for a while now, not only because of their stylish silhouettes but also because of their beautiful earthy colours. 

Adidas Chunky Sneakers:

These are hands down the best favorite branded chunky sneakers that anyone has ever owned. Every time Adidas launches a new pair of cool canvas sneakers, Instagram influencers and celebrities go crazy. They are mostly designed to fulfil an empty requirement of bold and sharp colored Adidas sneakers in your life. These are primarily low top sneakers that can be styled with some soft winter socks. Inspired by minimalistic 90’s tennis shoes, these designer sneakers are specifically designed for women with a luxurious taste in fashion. 

Classic Sneakers:

Classic Sneakers are most probably the most commonly used type of sneakers. Mostly, specifically, designed for men, these shoes are often used as unisex shoes. Highly used by teenagers, these shoes are said to be the most affordable and the most comfortable and simple type of sneakers. Some of the best-known classic sneakers are:

Vans. (Authentic):

Vans Authentic are the most common and the most recognizable silhouettes in sneakers. These started becoming more famous after 2012 when the most famous celebrity of the time, Louis Tomlinson, showed the public that these can be rocked with any outfit by wearing these shoes to the grocery store and red carpet in one day! Isn’t that crazy?

Converse One Star:

These shoes are famous for their comfort to the foot, low rise one-star design. When this shoe was newly launched in the market, these immediately became the new streetwear embodiment, and even though a million new sneakers have then been introduced, converse the streetwear lovers still love one-star sneakers.

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