2021 Fashion Trends of Spring to Follow | Top 5 Hot Fashion Trends

Creativity and fashion might have been a bit strained due to last year’s pandemic; however, it can easily be seen that this year, according to the fashion forecast, 2021 will be all about captivating looks and reintroducing old popular trends in a classic yet chic way.

This year's trends follow rather subtle themed outfits. The movement allows more focus on vibrant, eye-catching accessories and shoes- adding life to the whole look. We bring the most impressive 2021 fashion trends we believe will be in vogue this year without further ado.

Oversized, Loose Fitting Outerwear

Loose fit and oversized coats, jackets, and even bags have been all the rage since last winter season and shall continue to be one of the most followed trends in the winter 2021 fashion trends. This trend is meant for anyone who loves to wear multiple layers in winters.

Oversized outfits allow us to wear whatever we desire primarily and then add an excellent finish to the outer look. The style is so versatile that you can come up with a casual but formal look with it. It gives you so much margin of using your aesthetic sense to bring out your entire look, especially if you pair them up with knee-length boots.

Oversized uppers not only look chic in winters but also in summers. If you carry a neutral-toned trench coat or any loose fitted coat over floral dresses or even cut out dresses, it gives a classy touch to it.

One of the most timeless combinations of black on white or white on black looks ethereal too. A black coat paired up with all white outfits is undoubtedly a match made in heaven. Long boots are one of the iconic shoe pieces that everyone owns and loves to flaunt in winters. Like every season, this winter, they'll be a hot trend and will look great with all sorts of the winter wardrobe.

Moreover, long boots, especially Dolce Gabbana boots, are a great accessory to pair your loose coat and wide-leg trouser with. They complete and alleviate your look at the same time. Dolce Gabbana boots are particularly famous for treating you with luxury and the cozy warmth brought by the premium quality of leather, calfskin, and fur used by them. Long shoes are a must-have for winters as they give off a classic, chic look and shall remain one of the top 2021 fashion trends because of their classiness.

Monochrome Outfits

Solid colors, as well as pastel shades, will be in vogue this year. A single-colored outfit might look plain, but it has so much to offer and to accessorize with. Chunky or bling jewelry and a classic pair of heels are all you need to alleviate your look. Solid color outfits are extraordinarily versatile and fun to style, which is why they’ll undoubtedly be the hot pick of summer 2021 trends.

Solid colored wide-leg pants are another classic summer outfit. They are a great way to come up with a casual look, as A fitted blouse with airy, wide-leg pants are perfect for a day at the beach or any casual hangout. You can even formally style black wide-leg trousers by wearing silhouette heels and a chic blazer.

Moreover, you can pair up monochrome outfits such as all white dresses with another vibrant single-colored accessory to enhance the look—bright pink, cherry red, and yellow bags all add life to the monochrome outfits. Fashionistas can pair up signature MK bags with pastel outfits to enrich the overall look. Pastel tones like tea-pink, peach, skin, and other light shades were seen in many floral maxi dresses. Dresses are usually used for formal styling, and even these looked perfect with some vibrant colored purse and golden or silver jewelry.

Another hot 2021 fashion trend that gained much fame, typically because of their unique fashion sense, is the neon-colored outfits. Neon Coloured tracksuits, jackets, and purses are all the rage this season. They add life to the monochrome outfits and are great to pair with, especially blacks and greys.

Printed Short and Long Dresses

Dresses are an epitome of elegance and shall never be out of style. When floral dresses and even abstract patterned dresses made their way to the ramp, they gave the conventional dresses a new stance and label. Dresses have a deep feminine touch to them. Hence they continue to rule the fashion world.

Dresses, both short and long, are another of the famous 2021 fashion trends. Cut out dresses with bold patterns in light pastel shades, intricate embroidery designs, and floral dresses are very much in style, mostly because of the versatility they have to offer.

There is always a way to style and wear a dress in summer or winters, whether with a coat, a beautiful pair of heels, or even headscarves. There are hundreds of patterns to follow and create dresses from when it comes to print and design. Printed cut-out dresses, maxi frocks, and all-white dresses look ravishing when accessorized with a Michael Kors purse. MK is a classic and fashionable brand that introduces accessories, especially bags that are a work of art. Michael Kors handbags are incredibly luxurious and trendy- a unique accessory to own that will transform your entire look.

In summers, a chic pair of black sunglasses and Burberry headscarf is the perfect match for your sundress. Printed, embroidered Burberry headscarf with intricate design and a silky touch offer a next-level fashion statement. Headscarves are a great hair accessory as they enhance your entire look, especially when paired up with dresses and gowns.

Chunky, Eye-Catching Jewelery, and Bags

The 2021 fashion trends are all about eye-catching accessories and jewelry paired up with soft colored, simple outfits. Recently, multiple chained golden necklaces, rings, and earrings paired up with plain deep-colored turtlenecks and knit textured sweaters were trending a lot. The chunky jewelry shining against the neutral tones was a great theme to follow and continue throughout this year.

Bold colored earrings or hoops along with multi-chained necklaces are a hot favorite this year as they can be styled in so many ways. Bangles, rings, and watches add life to your outfit, whether they are paired up in contrast or even matched with specific colors.

Bags are an essential part of your outer look and should always complement your style theme. Michael Kors bags offer an extremely versatile sense of fashion and can be paired up with almost every outfit. The Michael Kors bags are of premium quality and make you stand out because of their lush appearance. The bags are usually neutral themed with an edging of golden or silver- adding life to it.

Moreover, mcm bags for women are another classic option as the bags have a fantastic texture and gorgeous appearance. Whether it’s a purse, backpack, crossbody bag, or handbag, mcm bags for women are not only of top-quality but also have trendy designs. Solid colored bags such as pink, orange, and yellow bags are in vogue as they add life to your whole look.

Chic Long Boots, Silhouette Heels, and Vibrant Flats

All you need to upgrade your style game this winter season is a pair of stylish pair of knee-length boots. An oversized coat, leggings, or even petite wide-leg pants, all of your favorite winter outfits can be paired up perfectly with knee-length boots. Moreover, your favorite knee-high boots are not only meant for winters, but you can also use them for summers. Style them with a mini skirt or dress to pull off an effortlessly fashionable look.

Long shoes symbolize style in the most sophisticated way. Dolce Gabbana knee length boots offer you a timeless and luxurious fashion statement. Faux fur, leather, calfskin, and wool have a too elegant look and are yet so easy to pull off. Pairing up with these unique accessories make you stand out as every accessory is one of a kind.

There’s almost no outfit that won’t go along with a gorgeous pair of heels. This year, Silhouette heels will continue to remain in vogue typically because of their formal signature look. Silhouette heels add an ultimate finishing touch to your entire look. They make you and your outfit stand out in a crowd. Keeping in the hottest 2021 fashion trends, it can be easily concluded that silhouette heels will be in demand throughout the year.

Recently, printed and bright-colored flats and joggers have become quite popular. Neon outfits and simple monochrome are perfect to pair up with some vividly colored pair of flats. Neon colored joggers and shoes will be trending as well as they make a unique fashion statement. Since the trending outfits are usually monochrome and plain, bright-colored shoes or extravagant pairs of boots will add a pop of color to the entire look.

2021 is all about sophisticated, voguish outfits paired up with luxurious jewelry pieces, elegant bags, and most importantly, a classy pair of shoes.


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